The place that has no name (2022)

이름 없는 곳 (2022)

The immersive environment is evolving into a ritual, prompting us to reconsider our creative process amid the pandemic crisis. Our enduring fascination with the concept of 'terra incognita' evokes images of remote wilderness, akin to traversing a game world waiting for the first level to load.

Three-channel 3D animation, visible through the exterior glass windows of the building, adorns the long corridor of the exhibition space. The text, presented in the form of free verses on the glass windows, is a condensed version of unstructured prose jointly crafted by us, drawing from our collective memories and translated into English. Contrary to the immersive multichannel audio and visual installation in the black box that captivates viewers, this text resembles a page from a book within the white cube environment.

Within the installation, 180° high-resolution panoramic 3D animation fills three adjacent screens, accompanied by two black-and-white drawings and three oil pastel paintings, mirroring key frames of the animation. Components of the space are arranged to symbolize a reduction from perceiving the complexity of reality in the 4th dimension to the 0 dimension.

The sequence portrays a desolate landscape from the perspective of the artist, whose circumstances in the middle of nowhere seem precarious. A collapsed architectural model, drawn from collective memory, juxtaposes an empty semblance in two different spaces: the real and virtual, constructed from our recollections but left incomplete. The interconnection between these spaces is emphasized, with the 3D animation spliced into a loop, devoid of a discernible beginning or end – akin to a Sisyphean journey of endlessly repeated activity. Like driving a rental car on a desert road without end.

The scene typically adopts a third-person point of view, presenting divisions within the place reminiscent of the limitless expanses of a game world, yet unnamed. The composition and transition of poetic imagery, weaving together memories and experiences, serve as reminders of life's persistence and transience simultaneously. While seemingly arbitrary, these reminders hold value in the simplicity of our humble daily lives, for which we yearn desperately.

방앤리의 이름 없는 곳(The place that has no name)은 작가가 오랜 시간 탐구해 온 ‘테라 인코그니타(terra incognita: 라틴어로 미지의 땅, 알려지지 않은 영역, 미개척지 또는 미개척 분야란 의미)’란 창의적 개념에 중점을 두고 있습니다. 마치 첫 번째 레벨이 로드되기를 기다리는 게임 세계와 같이 대초원을 탐험하는 외딴 황야를 떠올리게 하는 이 작업은 다중 채널의 3D 애니메이션과 함께 드로잉, 페인팅, 조각, 다양한 오브제, 자유시 형식의 텍스트 등 다양한 형식을 교차하며 작가의 부조리한 기억의 파편을 재구성하는 동시에 반복되는 공허한 미래를 암시합니다. 이는 지정학적 대응을 위한 시도나 추상적인 함의보다 그들의 작업에서 탐구된 테라(terra)를 통해 팬데믹 시대 속에서 ‘미지의 땅’에 대한 새로운 해석의 여지를 제안합니다. (작가노트 및 2021 Asian Art Biennial 카탈로그 참조)

*Our Friendly Neighbours 전시는 아트센터 나비의 중장기 연구 프로젝트 East meets East (동이 터오는 곳, 미래를 일컫는 'East’로 향하는 여정)의 첫 시작으로, 2022년 9월 9일(금) 주영한국문화원에서 열린 온·오프라인 하이브리드 아트 콘퍼런스 East meets East: Han Ma Eum와 함께 미디어 미디어 생태계에서 '우리'와 '한마음'을 상상해보기를 제안합니다.

Bang & Lee’s artwork The place that has no name is a continuing series of dystopian landscapes. Reflecting on how to transform the creative process during the pandemic, the artists continue their exploration of the subject of ‘terra incognita’ (Latin, unknown land), a place “recalling a remote wilderness, which explores a route across the prairie like in a game world waiting for the first level to load.” The imagery in the installation expresses interwoven memories and experiences, visualising desolate lands and collapsed architectures to form “a kind of Sisyphean journey of endlessly repeated activity; driving a rental car on a desert road without end.”

The artwork comprises three components and is configured as part of the facade of the KCCUK building facing out into the Strand. A series of free verses on the window overlay onto views of the work inside. The 3D animation is viewed across 3 screens, and five pieces, two black-and-white drawings and three oil pastel paintings of the main keyframes of the 3D animation are also shown as part of the artwork. The animation sequence illustrates a desolate land through the eyes of the artists, whose circumstances appear to be in jeopardy in a limitless world.

East meets East 2022: 우리의 다정한 이웃 (Our Friendly Neighbours) 展

이름 없는 곳
3채널 3D 애니메이션 스크리닝, 스테레오 오디오, 드로잉, 파스텔 페인팅, 유리창에 시, 아카이브 영상
우리의 다정한 이웃 전시 전경
사진: 주영한국문화원

*본 프로젝트는 〈나의 영토는 어디인가?〉 연작의 일부입니다.
The place that has no name
Three-channel 3D animation screening, stereo audio, drawings and pastel paintings, poems on glass windows, archive video
On view of the exhibition 'Our Friendly Neighbours'
Photo: Korean Cultural Centre UK

*This project is made from the series 'Where is my territory?'